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Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing today is one of the ways to provide professional accounting services for companies. By this we mean providing services connected with managing, accounting and reporting at a company for outer institutions, transferring the documents to the outsourcer. Unlike traditional accounting services provided by the outer experts, accounting outsourcing is the form of partnership, in which outer company gets involved in the business processes of the client company as an integral functional department whilst remaining legally and organizationally independent. Foreign experts in outsourcing noticed that, along with transfer of certain financial functions which outsourcer does on daily basis, the management of these functions is also being transferred. Unlike the accounting services which are usually episodic, accounting outsourcing is a long-term strategy that usually means some serious structural adjustments inside the company.

Accounting outsourcing today is the most advantageous offer for the companies that need professional accounting services and optimal organization of business processes. By transferring part of management tasks to a single-purposed organization with its own infrastructure you get the independent assessment of your company and the chance to make your business process better and easier.

Accounting outsourcing is becoming more often sought by modern dynamic companies as such services have some undeniable advantages over the in-house accountancy.

Ordering accounting outsourcing services will enable you to:

1. Save your time. Using services of outer accounting company will enable you to dedicate yourself to solving business tasks without diverting attention to non-specialized tasks.
2. Save your money. Complicated legislation system, constantly changing tax rates, introduction of new forms of book records, complex tax system require highly qualified staff that has vast experience in tax and financial accounting. Only companies which provide accounting services for quite a long period of time can provide you with all kinds of accounting. The pricing of consultation and practical help is being drawn out of the particular results and quality of accounting services, which in its own way leads to decrease of accounting costs in general.
3. Get the highest quality accounting, audit and document management services. Considering that the accounting audit is the main activity for single-purposed organizations, personnel of such companies has more serious experience in accounting, all kinds of reporting procedures, staff and document management. Accounting outsourcing companies employ only highly-qualified specialists. Due to this, quality of outsourced accounting services is often much higher than the traditional accounting services.

OMP offers all range of the mentioned services.

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