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Subscription for tax&legal analytics

Together with our partners - the magazine "Accountant" (chief editor – Parliament Memberof Ukraine Oleksandr Kirsch), the Law Offices of OMP has built a technology of operative receiving, processing and distribution of relevant tax information in the following formats:

• weekly webinars on actual tax issues, in the course of which our subskribers may ask questions to the lawyers;

• weekly newsletters with comments of OMP lawyers: reviews of press, clarifications, rulings and court practice, draft laws, and other materials used in the course of webinars;

• irregular (but frequent in the current situation) BROADCAST-ALERTS with  important news in connection with the adoption of laws, clarifications, court decisions, with the maximum adaptation to the profile of your business;

• monthly round tables on actual tax issues with the participation of leading experts and representatives of state structures;

• monthly review seminars of the editorial board of "Accountant" with participation of Alexander Kirsch and OMP specialists;

• monthly newsletters with an overview of relevant tax information.

We give you the opportunity to get acquainted with these services in a test mode for a period of one month and then decide in which extent to subscribe for up-to-date information.

Register and get weekly analytics of OMP lawyers on current tax changes during the period of one month

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